Last Year’s Winners

The Parents of Priests 25 Club Raffle winners on this page are for the drawings that began in November of 2022 and continued through April 2023. 
Tickets for the Nov 2023→April 2024 raffle will be available from August 2023 through the final week of the raffle in April 2024. A donation of $25 is requested but not required for participation.  Tickets are always offered at face value, so get your tickets early and be a part of all 25 weeks of the drawing!

For info about the 25 Club Raffle, click here; for tickets, click here.

Week of



11/7/2022 Lenore Novak POP
Week 1 Victoria Fields Carol Kropac
  Paula Schuetz Paula Schuetz
11/14/2022 Laurie Gronowqski Mary Ann Trask
Week 2 Patricia McHenry Mary Ann Trask
  Cindy Fraser Cindy Fraser
11/21/2022 Joan Hoover Joan Hoover
Week 3 Mike Hurley Mary Ann Trask
  Rev. Lawrence Jurcak Rev. Lawrence Jurcak
11/28/2022 Rev. John Hayes Don Trask
Week 4 Kathy Seijba Kathy Seijba
  Jean Fitzgerald Carol Kropac
12/5/2022 Patti Starr Mary Ann Mann
Week 5 Joseph Cubera Mike Cubera
  Mary Ann Schumitsh Phyllis Trefney
12/12/2022 Bonnie Bradac Don Trask
Week 6 James Livingston (St. Mary) POP
  Dick Starr Mary Ann Mann
12/19/2022 David Metro Bob Flynn
Week 7 Edward McHenry Don Trask
  Mary Loftus Lou Trenta
12/26/2022 Mark Zamiska Don Trask
Week 8 Matthew Wasinski (Borromeo) POP
Merry Christmas Travis Seagraves (St. Mary) POP
1/2/2023 Joanne Warner Rose Stalla
Week 9 Jim Ahern Tom Barnish
Happy New Year Suzanne Scarpitti Lou Trenta
1/9/2023 Bob Cain Bob Flynn
Week 10 M/M Lawrence Corridoni POP
  Fr. Tom Johns Fr. Tom Johns
1/16/2023 Thersea Coury Bob Flynn
Week 11 Anne Hoffmeister Mike Cubera
  Suzy Straits Lou Trenta
1/23/2023 John Rovnak ((St. Mary) POP
Week 12 Roy Marschke Bob Flynn
  Martha Tripi Anne Previte
1/30/2023 Rev. Greg Hovanec POP
Week 13 Charles Grachanin Don Trask
  George Spicer George Spicer
2/6/2023 Jerry Bacher Fr. Larry Jurcak
Week 14 Mary Ann Zvosec Don Trask
  Marjorie Bender Anne Behrend
2/13/2023 Walter Churchill Mary Ann Trask
Week 15 Paul Sliman POP
  Gail Wetzel Gail Wetzel
2/20/2023 Kathleen Glaser Don Trask
Week 16 Susan Robinson Tom Barnish
  Dan Jordan (Borromeo) POP
2/27/2023 Arthur Petkosek Arthur Petkosek
Week 17 Judy Bartel Judy Bartel
  Terry Coughlin Bob Flynn
3/6/2023 Joseph Rohan (Borromeo) POP
Week 18 Don Longo Don Longo
  Ed Hack Don Trask
3/13/2023 Bishop Roger Gries Mary Ann Trask
Week 19 Denise Warner POP
  Denise Warner Rev. Tom Johns
3/20/2023 Fr. Anthony Sejba Fr. Anthony Sejba
Week 20 Tom Doran Lou Trenta
  Mike Reidy St. Mary Church, Berea
3/27/2023 Vince Campanella Anne Previte
Week 21 Don Trask Mary Ann Trask
  Fr. John Retar POP
4/3/2023 Fr. Paul Rosing POP
Week 22 Mark Marko Fr. Gerald Bednar
  Jean Fitzgerald Carol Kropac
4/10/2023 Greg Anderson Don Trask
Week 23 Denny Popelka Mary Ann Trask
Happy Easter Lucy Eiermann Mary Ann Trask
4/17/2023 Geoff Goodfellow Geoff Goodfellow
Week 24 Rick Del Bene Bob Flynn
  Anne Offmeister Mike Cubera
4/24/2023 Rev. James Caddy POP
Week 25 Tina Anghilante Don Trask
  Rev. Walter Hyclak Mike Cubera