Last Year’s Winners

The Parents of Priests 25 Club Raffle winners on this page are for the drawings that began in November of 2023 and continued through April 2024. 

Tickets for the Nov 2024→April 2025 raffle will be available from August 2024 through the final week of the raffle in April 2025. A donation of $25 is requested but not required for participation.  Tickets are always offered at face value, so get your tickets early and be a part of all 25 weeks of the drawing!

For info about the 25 Club Raffle, click here; for tickets, click here.

Week of



Week 1: 11/6/2023 Don Trask Mary Ann Trask
  Robert Glaser Don Trask
  Jacci Bednar Fr. Gerald Bednar
Week 2: 11/13/2023 Renee Schumitsh Phyllis Tredney
  Maggie Sejba Maggie Sejba
  Ann Miley Don Trask
Week 3: 11/20/2023 Mary Ann Kudyba Fr. Tom Johns
  Gino Palumbo Don Trask
  Fr. John Burkley P.O.P.
Week 4: 11/27/2023 Tom Bose Mike Cubera
  Evelyn Allen Don Trask
  Fr. Thomas Kowatc Don Trask
Week 5: 12/4/2023 Tom Gilliam Bob Flynn
  Martha West  Cathy Mullee
  Maria Provoznik Fr. David Trask
Week 6: 12/11/2023 Dawn Enovitch Anne Behrend
  Gus Skapek Don Trask
  Maureen Swiatek P.O.P.
Week 7: 12/18/2023 Joe Hoover Joe Hoover
  Carmela Carbone Fr. David Trask
  Arthur Bodenschatz (SMS) P.O.P.
Week 8: 12/25/2023 Rose Anne McCool Lou Trenta
  Marlene Dole Marlene Dole
Merry Christmas Ray Hamlin, Sr. Ray Hamlin, Sr.
Week 9: 1/1/2024 Carole Roberts Fr. Tom Johns
  Jacob Cubera Mike Cubera
Happy New Year Pat & Judy Pramik Anne Previte
Week 10: 1/8/2024 Fr. Jay McPhillips C. Kiggins
  Tom Mullee Fr. John Mullee
  Dick Schweinberg Mary Ann Trask
Week 11: 1/15/2024 Fr. Gereald Bednar Rev. Gerald Bednar
  Bishop Roger Gries  Don Trask
  Sean Neville (SMS)   P.O.P.
Week 12: 1/22/2024 Gary Rankin Fr. Dan Divis
  Jennifer Garris Jennifer Garris
  Dennis Wessel Bob Flynn
Week 13: 1/29/2024 Benjamin Baratian (Bor) P.O.P.
  Cheryl Gazso Anne Behrend
  Bill George Bob Flynn
Week 14: 2/5/2024 Joseph Bender Don Trask
  Dylan Ennis (Bor) P.O.P.
  Marjorie Bender Anne Behrend
Week 15: 2/12/2024 Mary Ann Trask  Don Trask
  Michael Bohan Don Trask
  Joann Coleman Rose Stalla
Week 16: 2/19/2024 Fr. John Retar Fr. John Retar
  Catherine Marion Laura Brucks
  Mrs. Robert Glaser P.O. P.
Week 17: 2/26/2024 Chris Polomsky Chris Polomsky
  Emily Markutsa Don Trask
  Clare Miller Fr. Frank Godic
Week 18: 3/4/2024 Andrew Bendahan (Bor) P.O.P.
  Donna Regal Fr. Tom Johns
  Renee Schumitsh Phyllis Trefney
Week 19: 3/11/2024 Kathleen Mowinski Kathleen Mowinski
  Phyllis Lopardo Anne Previte
  Donna Wood St. Joseph Strongsville
Week 20: 3/18/2024 Lenore Novak Lenore Novak
  James Tawney Lou Trenta
  Kathy McGinty Pat McGinty
Week 21: 3/25/2024 James Vilagi, Jr. P.O.P.
  Dr. & Mrs. James Ohliger P.O.P.
  Stella Giffin Fr. Tom Johns
Week 22: 4/1/2024 Eric Eiermann Mary Ann Trask
  Barb Leggetta Lou Trenta
  Karen Levitsky St. Joseph Parish, Strongsville
Week 23: 4/8/2024 Don Trask Mary Ann Trask
  James Klein Micki and Lou Trenta
  Mary Ann Novak P.O.P.
Week 24: 4/15/2024 Vic & Pat Voinovich  M/M Joe Menkhaus
  Debby Suszynski  Debby Suszynski
  Phyllis Lopardo Anne Previte
Week 25: 4/22/2024 Cheryl Gazso Anne Behrend
  Robert Cain Bob Flynn
  Robin Rozsa Mary Ann Trask