Last Year’s Winners

The Parents of Priests 25 Club Raffle begins in November of 2021 and continues through April 2022.  Tickets are available for purchase from August 2021 through the final week of the raffle in April 2022.  Tickets are always sold at face value, so buy your tickets early and be a part of all 25 weeks of the drawing!

For info about the 25 Club Raffle, click here; for tickets, click here.

Date Winner Seller
1 November 2021 Moily Power  Don Trask
Week  1 Mark Singleton Don Trask
  Rev. Max Cole Rev. Max Cole
8 November 2021 John Churchill   Mary Ann Trask
Week 2 Martha Tripi Anne Previte
  Kathleen Mowinski Kathleen Mowinski
15 November 2021 Bonnie Bradac Don Trask
Week 3 Errol Savage  Fr. Frank Godic
  Carol McCarthy Bob Flynn
22 November 2021 Aggie Parsons  Don Trask
Week 4 Rev. John Loya Don Trask
  Mrs. J. V. Debevec Don Trask
29 November 2021 Terrence Fergus  Terrence Fergus 

Week 5

Catherine Mullee Catherine Mullee
  Megan Miller                Carol Kropac
6 December 2021 Dennis Rutkowski Dee Denk
Week 6 Thomas Meehan Lou Trenta
  Mark Counselman Don Trask
13 December 2021 Caitlin Connick Kathy Cubera
week 7 Ed & Ann Clark Ed & Ann Clark
  Hugh Callahan Hugh Callahan
20 December 2021 John Kirk  Fr. Frank Godic
week 8 Tom Mengelkamp  Fr. Tom Johns
(Merry Christmas) Tony Polito Bob Flynn
27 December 2021 Michael Bohan Don Trask
week 9 Rosetta Catanese Anne Previte
(Happy New Year) Rosemary Lewis Rosemary Lewis
3 January 2022 Joan Hoover  Joan Hoover
week 10 Violet Stenger  Violet Stenger
  Edward Montgomery Fr. Joseph Hilinski
10 January 2022 Terrence Fergus Terrence Fergus
week 11 Rev. James Caddy Rev. James Caddy
  Laurie Baumert  Carol Kropac
17 January 2022 Thomas Sweany Don Trask
week 12 Joseph Bender Don Trask
  Rev. Joseph Hilinski  Don Trask
24 January 2022 Francis Thuc Tri Nguyen (St. Mary Seminarian) POP
week 13 Cheryl Baker  Carol Kroopac
  Sue Robinson     Tom Barnish
31 January 2022 J. V. Debevec  Don Trask
week 14 Jack Kuwik Bob Flyn
  Barb & Dan Hornbeek Barb & Dan Hornbeek
7 February 2022 Catherine Mullee Catherine Mullee
week 15 Deborah Suszynski Deborah Suszynski
  Rev. John Burkley Mary Ann Trask
14 February 2022 Ben Jackson (Borromeo Seminarian) P.O.P.
week 16 Cathy Clapper Anne Behrend
  Mr. Mike McCandless Don Trask
21 February 2022 Louis Trenta Louis Trenta
week 17 Wickliffe Isabella Guild Laura Retar
  Anna Edocs Louis Trenta
28 February 2022 Michael Marko Fr. Gerald Bednar
week 18 Phyllis Lopardo Anne Previte
  Joseph Hocevar Don Trask
7 March 2022 James & Sherry Kulway the Kulways
week 19 Cameron Ferrell (St. Mary) P.O.P.
  Mary Loftus Lou Trenta
14 March 2022 Mike Wagner Mary Ann Trask
week 20 Barry Cook Don Trask
  Fr. Daniel Schlegel Fr. Daniel Schlegel
21 March 2022 Fr. John Carlin Fr. John Carlin
week 21 Marion Smith Mary Ann Trask
  Ed and Ann Clark Ed and Ann Clark
28 March 2022 Rita Scuffertc Fr. Frank Godi
week 22 Donna Delagrange Lou Trenta
  Kathleen Glaser Don Trask
4 April 2022 Tom Mullee Tom Mullee
week 23 Anne Previte Anne Previte
  Paul Sliman Paul Sliman
11 April 2022 Dianne Frate Anne Previte
week 24 Lilly Becker Mary Ann Trask
  Rev. Craig Hovanec  Rev. Craig Hovane
18 April 2022 Rich Pavcek Fr. Tom Johns
week 25 Gary Rankin Fr. Dan Divis
  Rosanne Maskovyak Don Trask
       THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE 25 CLUB.      SEE  YOU IN THE FALL of      2023… God Bless Everyone…