Current Year Winners

The Parents of Priests 25 Club Raffle begins in November of 2019 and continues through April 2020.  Tickets are available for purchase from August 2019 through the final week of the raffle in April 2020.  Tickets are always sold at face value, so buy your tickets early and be a part of all 25 weeks of the drawing!

For info about the 25 Club Raffle, click here; for tickets, click here.

Date Winner Seller
Nov 4,2019 Joe Forgacs Fr. David Trask
week 1 Theresa Collins Fr. Lawrence Jurcak
  Fr. Joe Mamich Fr. Joe Mamich
Nov. 11, 2019 Ed Pfeiffer same
week 2 June Pfeiffer John Pfeiffer
  M/M David Glove, Sr. Ann & Frank O’Connor
Nov. 18, 2019 Kathleen Sejba same
week 3 Nancy Gehm Don Trask
  Anne Larson MaryAnn Trask
Nov. 25, 2019 David Fetko Don Trask
week 4 Angie Parsons Don Trask
  Robert Mayer Don Trask
Dec. 2, 2019 Ann Armen Bishop Roger Gries
week 5 Geoff Goodfellow Debbie Goodfellow
  Kathleen Glaser Robert Glaser
Dec 9, 2019 Jack Hearns Don Trask
week 6 Patti Dickinson Ronald Dickinson
  John Fretter Don Trask
Dec 16. 2019 M/M William Richardson POP
week 7 Minnie Thomas Virginia Kovacina
  Marie Schwseinberg Don Trask
Dec 23,2019 Kathleen Sejba same
week 8 Jeff Retar Laura Retar
MERRY CHRISTMAS Susan E. Chlysta Don Trask
Dec. 30, 2019 Thomas Theado Fr. Lawrence Martello
week 9 Mr./Mrs. James Kulway none listed
  Marie Oliver Wagner Fr. David Trask
January  6, 2020 Frances Skapek Don Trask
week 10 Kathy Cubera same
HAPPY NEW YEAR Dominic Gideon St. Mary seminarian (POP)
January 13, 2020 Tom Perciak MaryAnn Trask
week 11 Ken/Patty Minrovic Lou Trenta
  Rev. Michael Petkosek Mary Queen of Apostles
January 20, 2020 Andrew Lucci POP (Borromeo)
week 12 Anne Hoffmeister Ginny Barnish
  Mary Anne Kaufman Cathy Mullee
January 27, 2020 Fr. Tom Sweany Mary Ann Trask
week 13 Robert Mayer Don Trask
  Fr. John Carlin Fr. Gerald Bednar
February 3, 2020 Gary Miller Fr. Frank Godic
week 14 Chris Loxterman Don Trask
  Ann Marie Petrik Debbie Zelinski
February 10, 2020 Staphanie Sierra Fr. Larry Martello
week 15 Fr. Mike Ausperk Don Trask
  Jack Hearns  Don Trask
February 17, 2020 Sandra Peterman Don Trask
week 16 Vi Stenger same
  Ronald Crock Holy Family Parish – Stow